quarta-feira, 8 de julho de 2009

Iommi - 2000

Guest Musicians

Terry Philips, Bob Marlette, Laurence Cottle (bass)
Ace (Martin Kent), Brian May (guitars)
Jimmy Copley, John Tempesta, Matt Cameron, Kenny Aronoff, Bill Ward (drums)

01. Laughing Man in the Devil’s Mask (Henry Rollins)
02. Meat (Skin)
03. Goodbye Lament (Dave Grohl)
04. Time is Mine (Phil Anselmo)
05. Patterns (Serj Tankian)
06. Black Oblivion (Billy Corgan)
07. Flame On (Ian Astbury)
08. Just Say No to Love (Peter Steele)
09. Who’s Fooling Who (Ozzy Osbourne)
10. Into the Night (Billy Idol)

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